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Slider Mind – amazing puzzle!


Slider Mind – an amazing puzzle of a new generation. Rules are extremely simple: move tiles one by one into empty locations to make shapes. The shape consists of 4 or more tightly connected tiles of one color. The more tiles in the shape, the more points for it.
The highlights of the game are the bonus stars and various combo. They can significantly increase the score obtained in exchange for a more thoughtful goes, giving the game depth without apparent complication of the process.
While playing Slider Mind both hemispheres of the brain operate, developing a logical and creative thinking. Need to assess the volatile situation on the board develops the analytical and combinatorial vision. At the same time – Slider Mind fascinates.

–       the unique game mechanics
–       original music from Andrey ‘andy’ Ivanyuk
–       dazzling colors
–       simple rules
–       intuitive control
–       3 game modes to suit every taste (dynamic, logical, and arcade)
–       leaderboards
–       develops and carries
–       suitable for all ages

game play

game play

game play

game play


game mods

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